Toronto Wedding Videographer

What You NEed to know about wedding videography

Difference Between One VIdeographer and Two Videographer

The difference between one videographer and two videographer is simple. You get more angles during the church / reception. 

Equipments For Wedding Videography

We carry all Canon and Sony video cameras. from C100 to Sony A7. With all L lenses.


We also have wireless microphones, external h4n recorders to connect for microphone feeds.

We carry additional equipments such as DJI drones, steadycam and also tripods


What is a same day edit

Same Day Edit are videos played on the same day as your wedding, during reception.

It serves as a good entertainment for the night, showing the guest who could not attend the morning festivity. 

is drone an additional charge?

Drone is complimentary with any full day packages

what is the full feature documentary?

A documentary of your day. The length of a full feature is usually around 1 to 2 hours. 

do you provide raw footages?

Unlike any other studios in toronto, we provide raw footages without any additional charge. 

do we need a 4k camera for our wedding?

No you don't.  Having a 4k is like buying a ferrari to get coffee across the street. 


All our videos are recorded in high definition. 

do you bring backup equipments?

Yes we do. We always carry 2 cameras and back up all our footages on our cloud server

Full Day up to 12 hours cinematographer

full day up to 12 hours secondary cinematographer

short feature highlight    3 to 5 minutes

full feature documentary 1 to 2 hours

drone if permit allows

raw footage

Crafted to perfection

At christa, We take pride in focusing on details of your wedding day. Creating unique stories are the driving motivation behind our lens everytime we work. Every film we create is infused with emotions, depth and significance of the day. Every frame pieces a pecious story, filled with meaningful clips.

Is a wedding videographer worth it?

Wedding Video allows you to relive your amazing day.  The small candid moments are the best way to relive your day. Never once we heard a couple saying ” we regret hiring a videographer”. 

Wedding videography vs cinematography?

Videography is the art of taking good videos while Cinematography is the art of conveying a message through the videos.